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"Laura is open, approachable, patient and empathetic, with an ability to translate legal jargon into clear and simple terms."

When I first decided to start an online business, I felt overwhelmed by all the different moving parts I needed to get in place in order to set up a successful business.

I had never worked for myself and found it difficult to see the wood for the trees.

As a result, I found Laura’s input totally invaluable. She listened to what I wanted to achieve, both for the customer and for myself, and tailored her advice and support to reflect my aims.

Laura is open, approachable, patient and empathetic, with an ability to translate legal jargon into clear and simple terms.

By breaking down the issues / documents that I needed to address / implement into coherent sections, she helped me to form a manageable plan that meant I could stop feeling intimidated and start turning my ideas into action.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Laura’s services to anyone starting their own business.

After feeling very apprehensive and confused about starting out, I now feel far more confident, and excited, about the prospect of achieving my goals.

Thank you, Laura!

– Melanie
Start-up business owner, Herts

"Laura made what seemed like a scary and daunting process much more simplified and, with the examples and differences explained, actually an easy thing to do."

After our session, I feel so much clearer and in control of what I need to do should I decide to pursue applying for a trademark.

Laura made what seemed like a scary and daunting process much more simplified and, with the examples and differences explained, actually an easy thing to do.

It was really valuable to learn about the timelines as I hadn’t realised that before, as well as keeping a check on things once a trade marking was successful - not to mention seeing what others in the sector are doing/how they are registering.

All in all, I feel really well informed about my options, like I have the control now, and definitely clarity and the pros and cons.


– Vicky
Founder of Life by Choice, London

Small Businesses

"She explains legal matters in a simple, easy to understand way, helping you feel confident in your ability to put what you've learned into action."

I've always found legal matters to be complicated and hard to understand, but that's not the case with Laura.

Her passion for educating her clients, not just telling them what to do and how to do it, shines through in her work.

She explains legal matters in a simple, easy to understand way, helping you feel confident in your ability to put what you've learned into action.

Thank you Laura for being patient with me and taking the time to make sure I understood everything during our call!

- Laura

The Body Happy Coach™,  Colorado

"Laura, you're incredible!  You've given me the clarity that I couldn't find before"

I can't thank you enough for the time and effort that you've put into reviewing my template agreement.

Not only have your edits made it more comprehensive but I now actually understand it and can explain it to my clients!  You're too good to be true.

– Olivia

Business owner, Manchester

Corporate Clients

Laura is eminently professional and builds long term relationships. 

Her commercial approach and understanding of the bigger picture allows her to provide pragmatic advice rather than getting bogged down in the minutiae of legal detail. 

She is an excellent communicator and has a keen ability to explain complex legal points in a very easy to understand manner.

- Mudassir

Partner at Graphite Capital, London

Laura is very good at understanding, unpicking, reacting to and solving  problems.

Being able to draft often nebulous, commercial points into legal contracts in a simple way has been very helpful – and has required far less explaining that I’d have expected and I do experience with other, less commercially minded, lawyers.

I’d say also very good at communicating, both in terms of explaining legal points to a non-legal audience and also taking commercial points and communicating them simply in legal language!

-  Peter

M&A lead, global commodities house, Geneva

Laura is very easy to engage with, always positive and a very good communicator

She is able to make herself feel like one of the client’s team, as opposed to sitting on the other side of the attorney/client “fence”.

In my experience it is rare to find professional advisors who can do that.

- Neil

Founder and chairman, Brockmans Gin, Woking

Laura is a great professional, with strong customer service and quality orientation.

Her comments and advice are always of great added value and straight to the point, and she even goes beyond the pure legal framework to provide advice of organizational / strategic nature.  

She is a real pleasure working with.

- Miriam

CIO, international beauty brand, Paris

I like Laura's pragmatic and practical approach. She stays calm and think of solutions that work.

Laura is also easy to have an open and honest conversation with.

- Emma

Senior in-house counsel, global commodities house, Geneva

Laura gets straight to the point and cuts through the legal "language" and focuses on a commercial approach and what risks clients might be assuming.

Her experience and knowledge shines through.

- Azra

Partner at international private equity firm, London

Compared to other lawyers (particularly in the UK!) Laura is definitely much more straight to the point.

I really appreciate her optimism and concrete answers.


Senior in-house counsel, international beauty brand, Paris

Teaching and mentoring

I found Laura fantastic to work with.  Laura approaches legal issues like they are an exciting challenge to overcome, which makes working with her such an enjoyable experience as a colleague, and also means that she gets the best outcome for her clients.  Laura has a combination of traits which is very rare in lawyers: she has great legal skills, an analytical mind, pragmatism, personality and openness.  Many lawyers have some of these traits, but very few have all of them.

- Jamie

Legal counsel, Save the Children international, London

I was fortunate enough to have Laura as my supervising partner whilst I was a trainee in my corporate seat. Over my six months sat with Laura I was blown away by how a partner could be so normal, friendly and personable! (This was not always the case in other departments). I was made to feel comfortable, that no question was a silly one and that you can be yourself even in a “professional” setting. I learned so much working with Laura and I know that her guidance helped me to become the successful associate I am today.

- Folakemi

Funds associate, Wilkie Farr, London

I worked closely with Laura on a number of deals. Despite us being members of different internal teams, Laura always made a concerted effort to ensure I was up to speed and across my portion of the deal. This level of cross-departmental collaboration can be rare, and is typical of the energy that I saw Laura puts into every facet of her work. and her investment in my learning was evident.

Most importantly, Laura is a pleasure to work with. She inspires trust in her colleagues, mentees and clients alike.  I would look forward to calls and meetings on any matter that Laura was a part of. It is easy to work with people, but it is rare to actively want to work with certain people, which is exactly what Laura's personality and dedication bring!

- Ben

Associate, US law firm, London

Laura is a good role model for women and a nice, normal person. She is a great person to learn from:  her advice is very commercial and client focused (which is a different approach to most other people) and she is creative with her solutions.

- Hannah

Legal counsel, property investment house, London


Laura is extremely supportive on a personal and professional level. She is always willing to input time to explain the background and theoretical side to any matter, encouraging those around her to gain a deeper understanding of the matter.

She has a personable and approachable nature with the ability to build normal relations with those around her.

- John

Senior associate, US law firm, London

I had a very positive experience working with Laura. I found her to be generous with her time and very approachable. I also thought she was a good teacher and I never felt like I couldn't ask her something, even if it was something I probably should've known etc. 

She made me feel like we were all in it together.....unlike some of the other partners!

 - Lauren

Senior associate, US law firm, London

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