Stop going round in circles on the legals for your business and spinning out of control!

Business is not meant to be confusing, boring and expensive *just* because you want to do things right to protect your assets and your clients.


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You know you need to sort out the legal parts of your business but there’s always something else higher up on the to do list

All businesses have the same thing in common: to be successful they need to be built on solid legal foundations using the same basic legal building blocks.

Whether you’re new or seasoned in your business, whether you’re big or small, the legal foundations make or break what you do. 

They hold up your business.  They protect all those hours of your skill and time. 

Since 2000 it has been my job to crawl all over a business so I can zero in on the weak spots.  But it isn’t just about finding those weak spots, it’s about figuring out whether or not they’re a real problem.

Strategic legal advice for all businesses
  • Legal strategy isn’t secret magic that only huge companies with lawyers on the payroll should have access to.  
  • Nor should you feel you need a law degree to get the most simple things in place.
  • For smaller businesses there is too much confusion and overwhelm.  With no clear path the legals are a real barrier to success.
  • Which is why my 20 years of experience in navigating them will make your life so much easier.
  • I will take those arcane terms and ideas, show you what they mean, why they matter and most importantly, teach you what you need for your specific business without the fluff.
  • No crazy convoluted processes and systems, but simple and clear protection done right.  
  • If you are ready to take your business to the next level from where you are, your legals need to come with you and I’m right here to show you exactly how to do that.


An award-winning “ticked all the boxes and then some” Cambridge educated corporate lawyer
  • City lawyer since 2000
  • worked at the biggest and most prestigious law firms
  • travelled the world advising global corporates on over 150 of the most complex multi-jurisdictional deals worth £billions.
  • trusted by high profile clients such as Marks & Spencer, Virgin Media, Goldman Sachs and international football superstars 
  • made partner in 2011
  • over a decade of legal teaching and mentoring experience
  • first woman to lead the winning Private Equity Team of the Year (awarded at the 2017 British Legal Awards)

My "why"

As we all know from GDPR, it can be daunting to navigate how different laws will affect your business.

Everyone deserves to have their business protected.  But many businesses are not properly served by the legal sector.

I'm beyond passionate about fairness and freedom and more directly levelling the playing field. 

I want to give you more control of what you do and how and when you do it.  To be able to grow a business that lets you leverage your skills, passions and values.  A business that reflects who you are.

So I've done something about it. 

I've built my business to help you build and grow your business without losing money or momentum.

20 years of corporate law expertise leveraged in my LegalEASE™ framework.


What my CV doesn't tell you...

I'm not one of those people that always had a burning desire to be a lawyer.  In fact, as the first person in my family to do A-Levels and then go to university, I didn't really have a clue what I wanted to do.  I just knew I liked learning and I really liked getting down to the nuts and bolts of knotty problems.

When I graduated from Cambridge I had no grand plan.  I fell into the law and got a highly coveted role at a law firm called Slaughter and May (the Hermès of the legal world). 

Luckily it turned out I was pretty good at this law thing and I've negotiated and advised on countless transactions with values ranging from the very small to the £billions. 

But many people don't realise that people and communication skills are as important as the legal knowledge.  There is no point in having the knowledge if you don't know how leverage it.

I've lost count of the number of times a lawyer has ignored the ultimate goal - to get a deal done that everyone is happy with - and gone charging in ruffling feathers and putting noses out of joint.  And wracked up pointless legal fees in the process.

You don't get any of that nonsense from me. 


What people say makes me different

"Laura made what seemed like a scary and daunting process much more simplified and...actually an easy thing to do"


Life by Choice, London

"I’d say also very good at communicating, both in terms of explaining legal points to a non-legal audience and also taking commercial points and communicating them simply in legal language!


M&A lead, global commodities house, Geneva

"She helped me to form a manageable plan that meant I could stop feeling intimidated and start turning my ideas into action."

New business owner,

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